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Introduction Of SUNCLOSE

China Zhejiang SUNCLOSE Technology Co., Ltd. is one science and Technology Company focused on intelligent automotive supplies, outdoor tourism and leisure products. After more than 10 years of development, SUNCLOSE has developed into a group with design, research and development, production and sales, with more than 10,000 flat plant and more than 200 people in the team,. SUNCLOSE not only has research and development centers, operations centers and production bases, but also establishes branches in the United States, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, and sold to the world. SUNCLOSE has been cooperated with luxury brand Benz, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Porsche at present. SUNCLOSE not only invest a huge amount of their own research and development, production, but also buy new technology companies and the purchase of patents and teams . SUNCLOSE makes sure the ultra-high occupancy in the field of car umbrella and car sunshade, it began to reach out to other smart car products. A strong design, research and development capabilities, that makes SUNCLOSE has a general enterprise unparalleled ability to introduce new capacity. Strong sales and integration capabilities, makes SUNCLOSE have a strong supply system and cost control. SUNCLOSE is committed to become the field of automotive supplies, “Huawei” “MI”!

About SUNCLOSE Founder

Founder and president Mr. Huajian Zhang(ABC Zhang) with his own R & D team, has received dozens of patents now, if the monopoly has been a monopoly of the car sunscreen industry is not an exaggeration, because the SUNCLOSE independent research and development of automatic car umbrella (Car umbrella), coach car umbrella market share has been rolling the so-called peer (Plagiarism). Huajian Zhang(MR. ABC) graduated from Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology, is the founder and inventor of the CAR SUNCLOSE, “Yiwu electric business hero spectrum” members. At the same time being the outside world as “car umbrella king” “car umbrella first person” “coach car umbrella first person” “85 after the business upstart” “cross-border electricity business first person.” Because of his legendary entrepreneurial experience by the Zhejiang University Of Finance & Economics Dongfang College, Zhejiang Yuexiu University Of Foreign Languages, Jiangxi Yichun University and other major colleges and universities employed as a mentor. Not only in product development and innovation is very talented and in the management and team building is also very insightful was named “2014 Zhejiang TOP 10 network operators”, but also Alibaba network up to champion (Hangzhou, Xiaoshan, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Yiwu).


Relative to the founder of SUNCLOSE, SUNCLOSE company research and development products CAR SUNCLOSE (Manual CAR SUNCLOSE, Semi-automatic CAR SUNCLOSE, Automatic CAR SUNCLOSE) ,is also the letter of the new era of red, attracted domestic and foreign media competition reported, CCTV (China Central Television), Guangzhou Daily, Wuhan TV, Hubei TV, Jinhua TV, Yiwu TV, Sichuan TV, Vietnam News and other media newspapers are also competing to report CAR SUNCLOSE. It is a standard car accessory of car owners, not only can protect your car, but also can care for your loved ones, the use of CAR SUNCLOSE can effectively reduce the car inside temperature of 30 degrees, meanwhile prevent the car due to exposure to toxic gases mass release. CAR SUNCLOSE – care of your car!

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