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Q: How long does the battery charge?
A: The battery charge 2-3 hours long can be filled.

Q: Does the girl have trouble with them?

A: It is easy, SUNCLOSE design using ergonomic handle, the SUNCLOSE net weight is 6.2kg, remote control operate, the girls use it completely effortless. The entire operation process only 30 seconds, it is easy to operate.

Q: Can i use it for SUV?

A: The SUNCLOSE size is 410*225cm, suitable for hatchback, sedan, mini and luxury cars, panoramic sunroof can also use. The only point to consider is your car and your height, wingspan can be enough to put the SUNCLOSE into the roof of the car. For SUV, we recommed another automatic design, it is convenient than this one .

Q: Should i install it by myself ?

A: When you received the car SUNCLOSE don’t need to install again, the battery and other accessories have been installed already, just use it directly, the details of how to use , please check the manual.

Q: Can i use it when i am driving ?

A: In order to consider safety issue and traffic rules, please don’t use it when you driving. But for driving school, you could use it .

Q: How long is the motor service life ?

A: SUNCLOSE use of 25W high-power motor, it can effectively reduce the wear between mechanical parts, the service life of motor more than 5 years.

Q: Is it will be blown away on windy?

A: SUNCLOSE adopted a unique two types of windproof design, the first one is there has 8 places for hook the unti-wind hook, 4 pieces unti-hook matched with car door handle, it can be resist wind level 5. Another one is SUNCLOSE and end of frame adopted button connection design, the button can open automatically, reduce the wind resistance, prevent the SUNCLOSE damage.

Q: How long is the sucker suck?

A: SUNCLOSE with large super suction sucker, can not loose one day. When you use it, please make sure the car roof top clean, then put the sucker to avoid sucking dust. Please don’t put the sucker to the seam place, otherwise can not be sucked. Pressing suction plate to make the sucker fixed.

Q: Will the motor will be damaged on rainy day?

A: Fabric adopted high density waterproof oxford cloth, cover large area, can protect the motor is not wet. And the motor adopted waterproof design, even it was wetted by rain, it will not damage.

Q: Do i have to use the unti-hook ?

A: In order to ensure the service life of SUNCLOSE and avoid the product parts damaged by wind, so please use the unti-hook and hook the car door handle.

Q: Is it easy stolen ?

A: SUNCLOSE designed by unti-stolen wire rope, please put the rope inside your car , close the door , then unti-stolen.

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